New to SPES?

Here's what you need to know!


Students at St. Philip's wear uniforms every day.  Our uniform is a royal blue collared polo shirt with the St. Philip's text and crest; khaki pants, shorts, or skirt; socks and tennis shoes.  On Friday, students may wear jeans or denim shorts in place of their khakis.  The number of uniform sets you have is up to you, but we generally recommend 5 sets.

Royal blue collared polo shirts may be purchased at a store of your choice and taken to Amy's Attic or Southwest Uniforms in Uvalde to be embroidered with the official text and crest.  Students in 2K and 3K may choose a royal blue t-shirt rather than a polo.

During colder weather students may not wear hoodies, sweatshirts, or half-zip jackets.  Full zip/button jackets or sweaters may be any color and do not need to have the St. Philip's logo.

Where's the Office and When is it Open?

The school office can be hard to find!  To get to the school office, park on Getty Street by the wooden St. Philip's Episcopal Church and School sign.  Follow the sidewalk all the way up and you will run into the school office door.  Please do not enter through the Mesquite Street doors.

The school office is open regular school days from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  Summer hours are as follows:  June 9:00-1:00 p.m., August 8:30-3:30 p.m. Additional times can be arranged by calling 830-278-1350.   

Visiting Campus

Any time parents/guardians or relatives come on campus they must check in at the school office and receive a visitor's pass.  If you are not known to office staff please be prepared to show a photo ID.  

School Supplies

School supplies may be purchased at your favorite store or through EduKit.  Edukit is a service that you sign in to, enter your child's grade, and your supplies are ordered for you.  Large or bulk items are sent directly to the campus!

2K, 3K and Pre-K

2K, 3K and Pre-K students are often still mastering toilet training and should have a change of clothes at school or in their backpack.  This should include the uniform as well as underwear and socks.  

2K, 3K and Pre-K students also nap each day and will need a blanket to use during this time.  

Snacks, Drinks, and Lunch

Your child may bring a snack and water bottle each day to have during class.  The 3K class assigns a parent to bring snacks for the week for every child.  

Home packed lunches should be relatively healthy and should NOT include carbonated or sugary beverages.  Please use a thermos to keep foods warm and cold packs to keep lunches cool. We cannot microwave lunches.

If a parent chooses to bring their child lunch, we ask that they write the child’s name on the lunch and take it to the school office.  It is not acceptable to drop off lunches in their classrooms or directly with the student.

At this time parent's will not be allowed to have lunch with students.