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New Applicants


St. Philip’s Episcopal School admits qualified students of any race, color, gender, national, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students of the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national, and ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, or scholarship funds.  


Each applicant is evaluated on their academic and personal performance regardless of background.


The following factors will be considered for admittance:


  1. Chronological age (a cut-off date of September 1st is used to determine grade level). No exceptions or waivers will be granted without permission from the Head of School.

  2. Age appropriate developmental academic readiness including good behavior and social skills and a good academic/behavioral history if applicable.

  3. Teacher recommendations and copies of report cards from current school (grades 1-5 only).

  4. The expressed commitment of the family to provide positive and purposeful support for the policies, personnel, practices, and curricular goals of St. Philip’s Episcopal School.


All families seeking to be admitted must complete and submit a completed application, a copy of the birth certificate, immunization record, and a signed record request form, if applicable.  Official transcripts, teacher recommendations forms, and recognized nationally normed achievement test scores are requested from current schools, if applicable.


2K and 3K Applicants – While no assessment is required for this age group, all applicants must go through the application process which includes submitting a formal application, birth certificate, immunization record, and taking a tour of the facility and meeting with administration, along with a visit to the classroom if possible.  Applicants will be evaluated for age-appropriate developmental readiness including fine and gross motor skills.  Students in 3K must be “potty” trained.


Pre-K Four and Kinder Applicants - The child will spend time in a classroom environment and is assessed by the assigned teacher. If the applicant is currently enrolled in another school, a recommendation form is requested from the applicant’s teacher. Applicants are evaluated for age appropriate developmental academic readiness including good behavior and social skills. 


First Grade – Fifth Grade Applicants - First grade applicants are required to visit in a St. Philip’s classroom and will be assessed by the teacher or the Head of School.  Applicants are assessed for age appropriate reading skills, math skills and social skills. During the applicant’s visit, math skills and writing skills, as well as social, emotional and behavioral skills, will be evaluated by St. Philip’s faculty member.  In addition, if no national test results are available and/or if there are concerns about the academic portion of the transcripts, standardized testing will be administered on campus. Applicants must demonstrate a good academic history and good behavioral scores.


Priority Enrollment policies will be followed in placement of all students.


If the applicant has been accepted, the parents receive a formal call of acceptance and an enrollment agreement is officially offered.  If an applicant is not accepted, a call is placed to the parents and a letter of non-acceptance is mailed.


If the grade level is full, but the applicant meets the requirements for admission, then parents are informed their child will be placed on a waiting list and called when space becomes available.


A new student seeking admission during the course of the regular year is required to provide, in writing, the reason for leaving the previous school.  Any student seeking admission to St. Philip’s School who for any reason is under suspension or expulsion from another school shall not be admitted.


There will be a six-week probationary period during which the child's adjustment to St. Philip's will be closely monitored.   During this time, the teacher will be in direct communication with the parent about any academic or behavioral concerns.  At the end of this period, if deemed necessary, a conference will be held with the parents, the teacher, and the Head of School.  If the student has been unable to adjust to the academic or social environment, or to the structure and discipline of the school, the school has the prerogative to ask the parent to withdraw the student at this time.


Currently Enrolled Students


Currently enrolled students who are invited back for the next school year will be offered enrollment agreements during the beginning of February.  


Priority Enrollment Policies for New Applicants


New Applicants will be placed in the following priority:


Level 1:  Siblings of families who have been St. Philip’s Episcopal School for at least

     three (3) consecutive years

Level 2:  Siblings of all other families at St. Philip’s Episcopal  School

Level 3:  Alumni families

Level 4:  Public


All applications will be dated and considered on a first-come first-served basis.

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